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Custom Decks

Shaw Renovation & Construction builds quality decks in Calgary and the surrounding communities. Our representatives are well versed in the best building practices, bylaws and building codes, engineering requirements, the development and building permit processes, and the different types of decking materials.  For over 30 years, we have been helping homeowners with the design and building of their decks.  Whether you are interested in simply replacing your existing deck or designing a new outdoor living area, we can help you.

Looking for a trusted deck builder?

Deck Building Services

We can help you with all or any parts of your deck project.  From the conception and design of your deck project, through permitting, demolition, construction, clean up, and completion of your new deck, you can count on Shaw Renovation & Construction for professional service and quality workmanship.

Let our team at Shaw Renovation & Construction be your deck building experts.

At SHAW Renovation & Construction we work with you to build your deck the way you want it. We treat all of our decks as custom builds and provide guidance through every stage of the deck building process to ensure that it is a stress-free experience. We will work with you to create a design that includes the features and functionality that you desire, and build your deck to suit your needs, and add value to your home.

Conception to Completion – Your New Deck

STEP 1 – Consultation

We will visit your home to talk about your deck requirements with you. We will;

  • Discuss the size, height, and location of your deck, and the applicable bylaws and building codes.
  • Talk about the size of your patio table and deck furniture, storage, and BBQ location.
  • Discuss the deck framing, surface options, stairs, handrail styles, skirting, soffit finishing, and electrical or gas service options.
  • Go thru the deck building process and address any questions or concerns that you have.

We can help you determine the deck size, style, features and finishes that best suit your needs.

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cedar deck calgarys best deck builder

Cedar Deck

trex transcends island mist calgarys best deck builder

Composite Deck

vinyl decking calgarys best deck builder

Vinyl Deck

STEP 2 – Quotation

  • We provide a detailed quotation outlining the scope of the work, including permitting, demolition, framing specification, decking materials, handrail details, options, and costs.
  • We will provide references of previous and current job addresses, for your review.

STEP 3 – Permits

  • We will apply for and receive the necessary development and building permits prior to the beginning of any construction.
  • We will arrange to have the utilities marked in your yard.


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STEP 4 – Start of Project

  • The decking materials will be ordered and scheduled for delivery.
  • A sign will be installed at the front of your home to ensure proper material delivery, to notify your neighbours of your new deck build, and of course for advertising.

STEP 5 – The Building of your New Deck


  • We will remove and dispose of the existing deck.

Deck Framing

  • The framing lumber and surface material for your new deck will be delivered.
  • Our lumber packages are built to meet the design specifications of each custom deck.
  • The framing of your deck will include;
  • Pier or Post foundations – built with 4×4, 4×6 or 6×6 posts, as required.
  • Laminated Beams – built with 2×8, 2×10 or 2×12 lumber, as required.
  • Joists – correctly spaced, spanned, and blocked to comply to the building code, built with 2×8 and 2×10 lumber, at 16″ and 24″ centers, as required.
  • Stairs – built with 2×12 and 2×10 custom cut stringers.
  • All the necessary flashings, joist hangers and anchors will be installed to ensure a solid connection of the deck to your home.
  • The framing of a typical deck will take one to two days to complete, and will be built in accordance with the Alberta Building Code.

Surface Installation

  • Pressure Treated or Cedar wooden decking in 2×4, 2×6, 5/4 x6 dimensions can be installed with surface or hidden screws.
  • Composite decking can be installed with trim head screws, hidden clips or a screw and plug systems, depending on the decking manufactures requirements.
  • Vinyl decking membranes are glued to a quality fir plywood substrate and the seams are heat welded.
treated deck aluminum railing calgarys best deck builder

Brown Pressure Treated Deck

trex deck island mist calgarys best deck builder

Trex Deck –  Island Mist

vinyl decking nolanshire calgarys best deck builder

Vinyl Deck

Handrail Installation

  • Pressure Treated or Cedar wooden picket handrails are built on-site and installed to the perimeter of the deck.
  • Our Aluminum picket or glass handrails are custom built for your deck.
Cedar Picket Railing - Calgary's Best Deck Builder

Cedar Picket Railing

Aluminum Picket Railing - Calgary's Best Deck Builder small

Aluminum Picket Railing

Aluminum Glass Railing - Calgary's Best Deck Builder

Aluminum Glass Railing

Skirting & Soffit Finishing

  • Composite and wooden skirting can be installed around the perimeter of deck to close in the underside.
  • Second floor vinyl decks can have the soffit closed in with aluminum to make them maintenance free.
Aluminum Deck Soffit - Calgary's Best Deck Builder

Deck Soffit – Aluminium

Cedar Deck Skirting - Calgary's Best Deck Builder

Deck Skirting – Cedar

Cedar Deck Soffit - Calgary's Best Deck Builder

Deck Soffit – Cedar


  • Electrical and gas services will be installed to improve the usability of your deck.


Continuous Inspection

Our site manager schedules the different crews and provides continuous supervision throughout all the stages of your deck construction. From start to finish, our manager will regularly be on-site inspecting the ongoing work and will also be available to answer any of your questions.

STEP 7 – Walk Thru & Contract Completion

When we are finished, we will do a walk thru with you, making sure that we have met your expectations, and that you are happy with the new deck that we have built for you.

SHAW Renovation & Construction is a family-owned company that has been serving Calgary for over 30-years. We strive to provide the highest level of workmanship and customer satisfaction.



We source quality decking materials from reliable suppliers, hire qualified trade, abide by the highest safety standards, and have a strict inspection process to ensure that your new deck is built properly on a solid foundation.

We stand behind our workmanship with a 10 YEAR WARRANTY

Composite Decking

Stone patio installation

Trex Gravel Path Deck & Aluminum Handrail


Trex Tiki Torch Deck


Trex Spiced Rum Deck

Composite decking and PVC decking provide the look of natural wood, without the yearly maintenance. Composite decking is resistant to dents, scratches and fading, it does not split, swell or fade, and it never needs to be scraped or painted. Composite decking & PVC decking are made from eco-friendly, recycled materials, offer fade/stain warranties up to 25 years, and are available in dozens of natural and bold colors, from top brands, such as Trex, Timbertech & Fiberon.

Trex Decking

Trex offers three collections of composite decking products that provide a comprehensive range of low-maintenance decking boards at different price points.  The Trex Transcend collection has a deep wood grain and is available in both classic solid earth tones and variegated tropical multicolored decking.  The solid coloured decking, such as the light gray Gravel Path, or the multi coloured tropical decking, such as the dark hued Spiced Rum, create a distinctive premium look.  The Trex Enhanced and Trex Select decking lines offer solid and multicoloured decking with a refined wood grain and at more economic price point.  Trex composite decking will add a distinctive look of luxury to your backyard.


Timbertech Decking

Timbertech offers three distinctive PVC decking and composite decking product lines.  The Azek, Pro and Edge decking products, each with their own collections, offers a varied range of solid and multi-coloured deck boards at several price points.  Timbertech Azek is a fully capped polymer deck board which is covered by a 50-year warranty.  The Timbertech Pro and Edge product are capped composite boards more comparable to the Trex and Fiberon products.  Timbertech manufactures high performing, natural-looking, sustainable decking products in a wide range of colors, and prices.


Fiberon Decking

Fiberon offers four collections of composite decking products in a wide array of solid and multi-coloured deck boards at several price points.  The Horizon collection provides dramatic deep colors.  The colours of the Paramount and Protect collections will contribute to the natural feeling of your deck. The Sanctuary collections offers a refined modern take on rustic colours.  Fiberon decking is an eco-friendly high-performance wood alternative, that offers the appeal and warmth of natural hardwoods.  Fiberon provides a wide range of decking colors to compliment your home and fit your budget.

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Vinyl Decking

glass railing

Vinyl Deck & Glass Rail, Soffit & Fascia & Stucco Pillars


Vinyl Decking – Fir Plank

glass railing for upper deck

Vinyl Deck & Glass Rail, Soffit & Fascia

Vinyl decking membranes are specifically designed to provide quality flooring and waterproofing solutions for decks, balconies, second floor decks and roof decks. They are the best choice when you want to keep the area under the deck dry. We install the Weatherdek brand which has been design and tested to provide a slip resistant walkable surface, and with puncture and abrasion resistant properties. All of which are important when the decking surface doubles as a roof.

Looking for a trusted deck builder?

Cedar & Pressure Treated Decking

New cedar deck

Cedar Deck with Privacy Walls

Aluminum Glass Railing - Calgary's Best Deck Builder

Brown Pressure Treated Deck with Glass & Picket Railing

new cedar deck install

Cedar Deck

Pressure Treated lumber is manufactured for a consistent quality and appearance. The treatment process improves the lumbers ability to withstand the weather, rot and decay. The framing of all decks, built within proximity of the ground should be built with pressure treated framing. It is available in both green and brown colors but can be easily painted or stained if required.

Western red cedar has a textured grain and warm coloring. The natural oils found in the wood help it resist the weather, insects and decay for long-lasting beauty. Cedar is available in standard lumber dimensions and 5/4 decking boards that have a radius edge and are smooth on all sides for premium quality. It requires maintenance but has a timeless natural beauty.

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Pergolas & Custom Patio Covers

Pergolas and custom patio covers are great ways to transform your outdoor areas into functional living spaces. Pergolas and custom patio covers are a beautiful addition to any patio, deck, or garden. They add shade and protection and can be built to complement your home.

pergola build

Cedar Pergola

Pergola and patio build

Custom Patio Cover

New Patio

Cedar Deck & Custom Patio Cover

Vinyl Deck Aluminum Glass Railing Custom Patio Cover Calgary's Best Deck Builder

Custom Patio Cover & Deck

Custom Patio Cover Privacy Wall Aluminum Picket Railing Calgary's Best Deck Builder

Custom Patio Cover

Treated Deck Aluminum Patio Cover Aluminum Picket Railing Calgary's Best Deck Builder

Aluminum Patio Cover & Railing, and Treated Deck

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Wood fencing can be built in many different styles. It provides a natural long-lasting barrier at an affordable price. Fences can be built for privacy, with lattice and ornamental tops or with modern design features. Cedar and Pressure Treated lumber, in both green or brown, are rot resistant and will provide a long life for your fence. Pressure Treated lumber is manufactured to be maintenance free but can be painted or stained if desired. Cedar fences require staining and maintenance, but have a timeless natural beauty.

Horizontal Cedar Fence Calgary's Best Fence Builder

Horizontal Cedar Fence

Brown Treated Fence Calgary's Best Fence Builder

Brown Pressure Treated Fence

Brown Treated Fence with Ornamental Top Calgary's Best Fence Builder

Brown Treated Fence with Ornamental Top

Cedar overlapped Fence Calgary's Best Fence Builder

Cedar Fence

Brown Treated Fortress Fence Calgary's Best Fence Builder

Brown Treated Fence

Brown Treated Fortress Fence 2 Calgary's Best Fence Builder

Brown Treated Fence

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