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Calgary’s Roofing Company

Shaw Renovation & Construction is a Calgary roofing company that specializes in residential roofing. For over three decades we have been offering the very best re-roofing solutions for homes in Calgary and the surrounding areas.  When looking for a Calgary roofer, choose Shaw! We are qualified in hail damage roof inspections and will offer you the correct solution when your roof has been damaged.


Shaw Renovation and Construction is a BP Canada Gold Certified Calgary Roofer and have been vetted to show that we have the appropriate qualifications, experience and reputation to meet BP Canadas strict standards.

Shaw employs only qualified trades, abide by the highest safety standards, and have a thorough inspection process to ensure that your roof is installed properly.


Our representatives are well versed in all aspects of roofing, the different types of shingles, roofing material, installation methods and their benefits.

We install all major brands of shingles including BP, IKO & CRC, Malarkey, Owens Corning, & CertainTeed.  As a premier Calgary roofing company, we can help you determine which is best for your home.


In addition to the BP Gold Certification we are also HAAG certified to inspect your roof for wind and hail storm damage.   We are very experienced in storm damage claims and can deal directly with your insurance company on your behalf.

Our representatives can inspect your roof, determine the roofing requirements, outline the available options, and assist you in determining which product is best for your home and budget.

Residential Re-Roofing

From Roof Inspection to Replacement

A roof replacement is more than just nailing down shingles. To protect your home, you need an effective long-lasting roof that relies on advanced material technology and an integrated building system.

Do you need a new roof?

STEP 1 – Roof Inspection
Shaw will visit your home to inspect your roof and discuss your concerns. We will;

  • Inspect the shingles, flashings, attic ventilation, and any interior water damage.
  • Assess the condition of your shingles and the complete roofing system to determined what steps should be taken to rectify the problem. Do you need a new roof? read this
  • Take measurements for the materials required for the roof repair or shingle replacement.

STEP 2 – Quotation
After the inspection has been completed, we will;

  • Explain the roofing issue and your options for either repair or roof replacement
  • Provide samples of the different roofing materials, shingle styles, warranties, and benefits. Traditional 3-tab vs. Architectural Shingles – read this
  • Provide you with a list of previous job addresses and shingle colors, for your review. We can also provide addresses of current sites we are working.
  • Discuss any additional roofing questions or concerns that you may have.
  • Provide you with a detailed written quotation outlining the scope of the work, shingles options, material and installation warranties, and cost.

After a contract has been agreed upon;

STEP 3 – Site Manager Inspection
Our site manager will visit your home to;

  • Review the scope of work and inspect the site for job related or safety concerns.
  • The materials will be ordered and scheduled for delivery.
  • A sign will be installed at the front of your home to ensure proper material delivery, to notify your neighbours of the pending work, and of course for advertising.

STEP 4 – Shingle & Disposal Bin Delivery

  • The new shingles will be delivered directly onto your roof, via a crane or boom truck.
  • Lighter materials, vents and flashings, will be stored on the ground.
  • A roll-off bin will be delivered to your home. It will be placed upon your front driveway, if available, or an open portion of your front lawn. Plywood or 2×6 runners will be placed under the bin to protect your driveway or lawn. Placing the bin near the house allows us to put the existing roof directly into the bin, keeping your property as clean as possible.

STEP 5 – The Re-Roofing of Your Home
The re-roofing process includes the following aspects;

  • Site Safety. Our roofing crew will evaluate the site for safety hazards and take the appropriate measures, such as securing ladders and installing roof jacks or anchor points for fall-safety harnesses, to ensure a safe working environment.
  • Property Protection. Shaw will lay out tarps and plywood to protect your home, as necessary.
  • Removal of the Existing Shingles. The tear-off is the messy part.  We will remove all the existing shingles and underlayment from the roof.
  • Roof Deck Inspection. We will inspect the plywood sheathing or board roof decking. Any soft, wet of rotten material will be cut-out and replaced. Any loose sheathing will be re-nailed to ensure that it is properly secured to the trusses.
  • Vent & Flashing Inspection / Replacement. Shaw will replace extraction and air flow roof vents and plumbing collars. Shaw will install any additional airflow roof vents. We will inspect and repair or replace any remaining flashings, as necessary.
  • New Roof Installation.
    • Drip Edge prevents water from wicking under the shingles along the eaves of the roof.
    • Eave & Valley Protection. Roofing felt or waterproofing membranes offer protection from eave condensation and possible ice and water damming.
    • Underlayment. The installation of synthetic or felt underlayment’s extend shingle life and provide additional protection against wind driven rain and attic condensation.
    • Starter Strip installation provides optimal adhesion for the first course of shingles. This leading-edge connection is crucial for protection against wind and water infiltration.
    • Shingle Installation. Traditional 3-Tabs or Architectural Shingles? (link to Blog) Classic Yukon 3-tab shingles offer proven performance in a wide range of colours, while the Mystique 42, Manoir and Vangard 42IR architectural shingles offer high-end styling in a rich array of modern colours. All BP Weather-Tite shingles have two ultra-adhesive sealant band which provide maximum protection against the elements.
    • Hip and Ridge Capping are installed to ensure the water tightness of the roof. 3 – Tabs can be used for a clean look or silhouette ridge caps to provide a multi-layered three-dimensional effect.
  • Site Clean Up. The work area will be cleaned throughout the re-roofing process. Shingle debris will be removed from the eavestrough at the tear-off stage. Sidewalks and driveways will be brushed for loose granules, and your lawn will be swept with a magnet for errand nails.

STEP 6 – Continuous & Final Roof Inspection
The lead roofer continuously reviews the crews work to maintain a high level of workmanship. Our site manager inspects the shingle installation, both during and after the re-roofing process to ensure that you receive a quality new roof.

STEP 7 – Contract Completion
When the roof is completed, we will meet at your home to review the work, make sure that we have met your expectations, and that you are satisfied. We do not require any deposits, you can pay for your new roof when it is completed.

As a BP Gold Certified Roofing Contractor, SHAW Renovation & Construction specializes in the installation of Building Products of Canada shingles, in both the traditional 3-tab shingles and architectural styles. The Yukon, Mystique 42, Vangard 42IR and Manor shingle lines provide varied styles and a wide selection of colors to enhance you homes curb appeal. The multi-layer design, hurricane-resistant Weather-Tite technology and limited lifetime warranties make them a smart choice.

SHAW Renovation & Construction is a family-owned company that has been serving Calgary for over 30-years. We strive to provide the highest level of workmanship and customer satisfaction.

Are you looking for a trusted roofing company?