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Several decisions need to be made when building a new detached garage, such as the size of the garage, the location on your property, the exterior finishing materials, and the style. One of the first things you will need to decide on is the style of the garage. There are four common garage styles, all determined by the shape of the roof; Gable, Cottage (hip), Reversed Gable, and Dutch Gable. When building a detached garage, you will want to choose a style that best matches or compliments the shape of the roof on your house.

Gable Style Garage

New Gable style garage

A gable-style garage is one of the most common. It has a triangular appearance on the garage overhead door side that is created by the sloping roof on two sides. Gable style garages are the most economic to built as they have a simple roof system and do not need as much framing or finishing materials as the Cottage, Reversed Gable or Dutch Gable styles. Gable roof garages are the predominant style in the older developed neighbourhoods in Calgary.

Cottage Style Garage

Cottage style garage

A Cottage or Hip-style garage has a pyramid shaped roof that slopes down on all four sides.  The hip-style garage offers the most protection against the elements, due to the overhang on all four sides of the building.  A cottage garage is generally more expensive than a regular gable as it has a more complicated roof truss system and requires more finishing materials.

Reversed Gable Style Garage

reversed gable garage


A reversed gable style is the same as a gable style roof, but the overhead garage door is located under the eave of the roof instead of on the gable side.  This style of garage is marginally more expensive to build than a gable roofed garage, as it requires an engineered overhead door beam.  Reverse gable garages have become very common in the newer neighbourhoods in Calgary, as this style of the garage can be built right up to the property line.

Dutch Gable Style Garage

dutch gable style garage

The Dutch Gable garage is a combination of gable and cottage roof systems.  The dutch gable style of roof combines the benefits of both the gable and the hip roof while adding an additional architectural feature.  This is an expensive roof style to build as it requires more framing and finishing materials.


Picking a Style

Picking a style is not always easy. While it looks best to have the same style roof on your garage as on your home, it may not be the best choice for you.  A traditional Gable roofed detached garage will be the most economical and provide the best value.  Cottage and Dutch Gable style garages are more expensive but add additional curb appeal to your home.  In the City of Calgary’s newer communities, a Reversed Gable garage will allow you to build your garage on the property line and maximize the use of your yard.


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